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Keep COVID out

Returning to work after the Christmas and New Year holiday is a great time for business leaders to make all the necessary checks for your company’s health and safety compliance for the year ahead.

As we continue to manage Coronavirus in the workplace, Employers should regularly review their ‘Coronavirus Risk Assessments’ in line with the changing COVID-19 Guidance, ensuring their employees have a ‘COVID-19 Safe Work Environment’.

One of the key points that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has advised Employers on is that: ‘You must make sure your risk assessment covers home workers’.

It is important to keep a balanced and proportionate approach for home workers. In most cases it is not necessary to visit employees at their home, but Employers should make sure they have a healthy and safe environment to work in.

We remind business leaders to review risk assessments regularly and revisit the control measures you have put in place frequently to make sure they are working.

You must involve your employees in your review – this will highlight if they have spotted any problems or there have been any accidents or near misses. Employee’s contributions are essential and will help promote positive perceptions of health and safety in your workplace.

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